About Me

I am a first-year Ph.D. student of Computer Science at Georgetown University, focusing on natural language processing. I am a member of NERT, Nathan Schneider‘s Research Team, and GUCL, Georgetown University’s Computational Linguistics Group.

I am passionate about teaching and mentorship. I research natural language processing with the aim to build communicational bridges and develop a deeper understanding of language.

Email: sbmw15 AT gmail DOT com



I am a first-year Ph.D. student of Computer Science at Georgetown University. I began studying at Georgetown in August of 2019. My research focuses on natural language processing. Current coursework includes Computational Corpus Linguistics, Text Mining & Analysis, and Automated Reasoning.

LAFAYETTE COLLEGE (AUGUST 2015 – MAY 2019), B.S. Computer Science; B.A. Spanish

I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Lafayette College in May of 2019, graduating magna cum laude. While studying at Lafayette, I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, and Sigma Delta Pi.

My Senior Honors Thesis in Computer Science and Spanish, co-advised by Dr. Joann Ordille and Dr. Michelle Geoffrion-Vinci, was “Sentiment Analysis on Translated Works: Explaining the Differences Between Linguistic Analysis of a Text and its Computational Sentiment.” For this work I earned received Honors in both Computer Science and Spanish and was awarded the Barge Oratorical Prize, for the most skilled oral defense of an honors thesis.

At Lafayette, I served as the President of Women in Computing from 2017 to 2019 and President of Association for Computing Machinery from 2017 to 2018. I also volunteered at Easton Public Library teaching kids to code and served on the Search Committee for the Dean of Equity and Inclusion.


Work Experience


Software Engineering Intern

Redmond, WA

May to August 2018

Developed software for airborne weather radar for aircrafts. Worked in C++ on fault management for the RDR4000 and code fixes for software regulation of RDR7000. Developed software requirements and design, implemented code, and tested. 


Developer for Global Technology Summer Analyst Program

Jersey City, NJ

June to August 2017

Worked on the Automation Key Initiative Project, being implemented enterprise-wide to facilitate compliance testing. In scrum/ agile environment, determined and provisioned application access needs with the development team and transitioned application requests from an external development team to an internal process.



Flourtown, PA

January 2012 to December 2015

Translated legal documents from Spanish to English.  Interpreted telephone communications and conversations.  Formatted statements into organized documents for immigration-based, law firm.

Teaching Experience


Spanish Residential Advisor

Colchester, Vermont

June to July 2019

Guided students through various communicational techniques, enabling them to only communicate in Spanish for the duration of the program. Developed and executed daily afternoon activities, including instructing hour-long classes on Latin American art, Spanish cinematography, and a range of Latin American cultural practices.


Teaching Assistant

Easton, PA

January 2017 to May 2018

For two semesters, worked with students in the Digital Media course, teaching the tenants of object-oriented programming. Coordinated approach to instruction. For one semester, worked with students in the lab section of Data Structures & Algorithms. Instructed on a variety of concepts, including: data containers, algorithms, complexity analysis, recursion, unit testing, and experiment design.



Easton, PA

September 2016 to December 2017

Worked as a tutor at drop-in tutoring sessions and offered private tutoring. Assisted students taking: Logic, Introduction to Game Programming, Digital Media Computing, and Data Structures and Algorithms, in their weekly assignments and helped them prepare for tests .


SENIOR HONORS THESIS: Sentiment Analysis on Translated Works: Explaining differences between linguistic analysis of a text and its computational sentiment

May 2018 to May 2019

Performed literary analysis on short stories in Spanish and two sets of translations in English. Performed a comparison on the literary analysis and a set of computational sentiment analysis results, collected using a toolkit that implements a deep neural network. Developed an algorithm to add transparency to the set of results produced by a deep neural network for lay users, such as literary analysts. Presents a novel approach for literary analysts to utilize computational sentiment analysis in metacognition, as well as a tool to provide transparency for deep neural networks for lay users. Co-advised by Dr. Joann Ordille and Dr. Michelle Geoffrion-Vinci.


August to December 2018

Built a foundation in Combinatorial Optimization by studying applications throughout the field as well as surveying focused, foundational problems. The course studies techniques for NP-hard problems in combining computational complexity and mathematical programming. Advised by Dr. Jonathan Dahl.


May to August 2016

Worked with a team of biologists to develop a modeling system to analyze the biological process of signaling cascades, written in Scala and NetLogo. Responsibilities included coding in the integrated languages, end-user demonstrations, and user-interface design and implementation. Resulting software is currently in use by biology students at Lafayette College. Advised by Dr. C.W. Liew.


September 07, 2019: I have been awarded an Upsilon Pi Epsilon Academic Achievement Award by the UPE Executive Council, on the basis of my academic record, extra-curricular activities and the recommendation of my UPE Advisor.