Teaching & Advising


  • Intro to Computer Science: Python (Computer Science 010), Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
    • August to December 2022 (Fall 2022)
    • Sole instructor for introductory course designed to provide non-majors with a foundational understanding of computer science and a comprehensive ability to program in Python. Developed all course materials and plan for instruction. Managing a group of four Teaching Assistants to provide additional student support. Approx. 45 students enrolled.
    • For this course, I was awarded the Graduate Student Teaching Award!

Head Teaching Assistantships

  • Database Management Systems (Computer Science 580), Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
    • August to December 2023 (Fall 2023)
    • Guest Lectures: Set Operations in SQL, MySQL Tutorial, Data Structures Review
    • Providing support by managing logistics, grading assignments, and instructing in the form of guest lectures. Hired TAs for the course and trained them in inclusive pedagogy.

  • Database Management Systems (Computer Science 580), Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
    • January to May 2023 (Spring 2023)
    • Guest Lectures: Data Structures Review, MySQL Tutorial, Concurrency
    • For this graduate course, provided logistical support for the Instructor and coordinated the three course projects, assigning grades for two of the three.

Teaching Assistantships

  • Data Mining (Computer Science 285), Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
    • September to December 2021 (Fall 2021)
    • Guest Lectures: Python Basics for Data Science, Machine Learning with Weka
    • Assisted in teaching this undergraduate class, covering topics including: supervised and unsupervised algorithms, data pre-processing, and various data mining models. Graded projects and provided help to students during office hours.
    • For this course, I was nominated for Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship Award!

  • Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (Computer Science 572), Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
    • January to May 2021 (Spring 2021)
    • Guest Lecture: Dependency Parsing
    • Assisting in teaching this graduate level class, which covers the principles of Natural Language Processing, through facilitating classroom activities, grading and developing assignments, holding office hours, and presenting a guest lecture to the class.

  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Computer Science 150), Lafayette College (Easton, PA)
    • January to May 2018 (Spring 2018)
    • Taught the tenants of object-oriented programming. Coordinated approach to instruction.

  • Digital Media Computing (Computer Science 105), Lafayette College (Easton, PA)
    • January to December 2017 (Spring 2017, Fall 2017)
    • Instructed on a variety of concepts, including: data containers, algorithms, complexity analysis, recursion, unit testing, and experiment design.

Student Mentoring & Advising

  • Advising Undergraduate Research Assistant (Washington, DC)
    • Mentoring an Undergraduate Research Assistant, with whom I am co-authoring a paper. The student is assisting in data management, corpus cleanup, and analysis.
    • December 2021 to January 2022 (Winter 2021)
  • RULE (Research-based Undergraduate Linguistic experience) Advisor on semester-long course project (Washington, DC)
    • Paired with three Georgetown Linguistics undergraduate students who had registered for the RULE Ling-202 Course, advising as they contributed to a semester-long project on a project of my choosing
    • August to December 2021 (Fall 2021)
  • Mentor on Lafayette College EXCEL Research Project to Visiting High School Student (Easton, PA)
    • Mentored a visiting high school student through his involvement on the computational biology project I worked on through the Lafayette College EXCEL research program
    • May to August 2016 (Summer 2016)

Professional Development

  • Teaching Computing and Technology Ethics Workshop, AAAI 2023
    • In February 2023, attended a half-day workshop on how to teach a computer science ethics course, with a focus on the use science fiction stories and case studies. The workshop covered ethical frameworks and example course content.
  • Professional Development Day, Coding Rooms
    • In July 2022, attended a day-long professional development curriculum for instructors on teaching and grading computer science classes. Topics included hand tracing code during class, reducing cognitive load for students, how to structure group projects, increasing access to and enrollment in computer science classes, developing an engaging classroom atmosphere, and auto-grading Python assignments.
  • Professional Development Session for New and Aspiring Educators, SIGCSE 2022
    • Participated in professional development session for newer educators, which was comprised a series of workshops and presentations on teaching computer science. Discussed teaching philosophies, key teaching tips, possible career paths and preparing for success in the job search, equitable teaching and equity-related goals in our teaching, and more.
  • Apprenticeship in Teaching Program, Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), Georgetown University
    • Completed the core workshops and electives in the Apprenticeship in Teaching Program, which include a synchronous panel/presentation and an asynchronous activity to better our teaching. The 10 workshops covered teaching resources, course design, syllabus design, effective classroom interaction, assessment and grading, reflective teaching in practice, anti-racist pedagogy, effective STEM labs, designing for thriving, and teaching STEM inclusively.
    • Received certification March 2022

Private Tutoring

  • Introduction to Game Programming (Computer Science 104), Lafayette College (Easton, PA)
    • August to December 2017 (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017)

  • Digital Media Computing (Computer Science 105), Lafayette College (Easton, PA)
    • August to December 2017 (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017)

  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Computer Science 150), Lafayette College (Easton, PA)
    • August to December 2017 (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017)

  • Logic (Philosophy 200), Lafayette College (Easton, PA)
    • August to December 2016 (Fall 2016)